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May 16, 2013
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You were watching your favourite show while munching on a few snacks that you bought earlier. You were interrupted when your phone began to play a tune, you checked the caller ID, and as you predicted, it was Alfred. He would often call you late at night, mainly because your husband was often drunk, Arthur. You answered the phone.

“Hey ___!”

“Hey Alfie, he's drunk again, eh?”

“Yeah, only this time he drank more than he normally would.”

“OK, I'll be at at (Pub Name) in around 10 minutes.”

“Fine, but you better hurry, he's causing a bit of a riot, can't you hear it?”

You heard a lot of shouting and breaking glass in the background.

“Yeah, sure I hear it, I'll try and hurry ASAP.”

“ OK, see you in about 10 minutes then.”


With that you hung up and switched the TV off. You got off the sofa and ran upstairs to get changed, a few minutes passed and you were nearly ready to go, all you needed to do was to put your boots on and your coat on. You locked the door and started your car and drove to the bar you thought Arthur would be in.


You arrived at (Bar Name) and parked the car. You got out and walked in the Pub to find Arthur lying on the ground, completely wasted. You looked around and saw Alfred resting against one of the stools, he quickly got up and walked by your side.

"Need help? Since you're pregnant, you can't carry Eyebrows all by yourself."

"Yeah, I know, thanks."

Alfred walked towards Arthur and hoisted him up, he dragged him across the bar floor and dropped him in your car.

"I can take it from here, thanks for the help."

"well, obviously I'm the Hero!"

Alfred did one of his hero laughs. You just had one of those poker faces on. You waited for Alfred to stop.

"OK, bye ____! be careful with him, he's still drunk."

"OK, bye Alfred."

Alfred gave you one of his deadly bear hugs, you began to groan. Alfred let you go and walked off. You started the car and drove back home.


You got to your house and parked the car, turning it off, you roughly grabbed Arthur by the collar and dragged him out of the car and towards the door of your house. You unlocked the door and continued to drag the Brit.

“Bloody hell Arthur, why do you have to be so heavy?!”

You struggled to pull Arthur but eventually got him upstairs and put him in a safe position, you learnt that in health school. You gave him water to drink to get rid of the alcohol quicker. Apparently Alfred was right, he drank a bit too much and began to get a bit feisty, you grabbed the nearest object and hit Arthur with it, knocking him out. Apparently you used an empty glass bottle as a weapon, you didn't really know how it got there, you were sure that Arthur's hands were empty.


You heard groans coming from the living room.

“Great, he must have woken up now.”

You dog-eared a page from the book you were reading and went downstairs towards the couch. You approached Arthur.

“Uh, my head..”

You crossed your arms and continued to glare at Arthur with a hint of annoyance.

“Um, ____? You OK?”

“No I am not OK! Does it look like I'm OK?!”

You raised your voice on the Brit, a surprised and confused expression on his face.

“Oh don't give me that look, you know exactly what happened!”

“____, what are you annoyed for?”

“Well, I'm annoyed that most of the time I get calls from Alfred, telling me that you got drunk again! I'm annoyed that I always have to apologise to the bartender for your behaviour! I'm annoyed that I always have to be your babysitter! And I am mostly annoyed that no matter how many times I tell you to stop drinking, you ignore me and always head to the damn pub! I really am fed up with all this shit!!”

You took a few breaths before resuming.

“And another thing, if you can't be bothered to listen to my advise, then don't be bothered to come and live in my house!”

You turned around and went upstairs, closing the bedroom door as you went inside. You dropped on the large bed and sulked a little, burrowing your face in the pillow. A few minutes passed and you heard footsteps get louder and louder. The door creaked opened, some light flooded the area of your bed.

“Go away Arthur.”

There was no reply, you still had your head in the pillow. You felt a heavy weight on the side of the bed, there was a tap on your shoulder. You rose your head and turned to face Arthur. His emerald eyes were filled with sadness and a bit of regret.

“____, I'm sorry for annoying you.”

You looked into those eyes for a few minutes, there was a few minutes of silence. You sat up that your face was inches from Arthur's. You raised your hand so it would be at the same level as your face. Arthur turned his head to the side, getting ready for a slap on the face, but it didn't come. Arthur felt something warm and soft wrap around his body, he opened his eyes to find you hugging him, you raised your head.

“Fine, apology accepted.”

Arthur's surprised and upset face changed to a cute and happy expression.

“But only if you promise to drink very little.”

“I promise.”

“For real Arthur, you say that all the time!”

“ OK, but I mean it this time.”


You looked at Arthur again, a sweet smile was plastered on his face. He kissed you on the forehead.

“Yes, really.”
Request for :iconjennysaphireleyla:
Ok, I kinda failed at this...
1. The reader doesn't really look to be pregnant
2. There's not much with you and drunk Iggy ^^;

Well, I hope you guys like it, if not, please don't comment, thanks ^^
Preview Pic found on google
I also have a bit of explaining to do here, the reason I posted this first instead of the 2p USA chapters is because
This is a oneshot
I wanted to get everything over and done with
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